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Concluding collab with native communities in the Andes

Dear friends, warm greetings to you in this year’s colorful autumn. After 19 years of collaboration with native communities in the Andes and careful consideration, we have decided to conclude foundation activities in Peru.

NF Inka

A lot has changed in Peru since we began our work in assisting native students. The government has dropped its policy of suppressing frequent native uprisings and rallies, which were often combined with the disruption of highway, bridge or airport traffic, and started allocating resources into development programs. Several roads, schools and hospitals, among other, have been built and locals have found plenty of employment opportunities in the construction works. Some of those who didn’t have been employed in other ventures, like lowland coffee plantations or mining natural gas and gold. Many have relocated to different counties or even departments for their jobs.

Economical growth and social projects have reached the Andes and we are overjoyed to see our former students join or even start some of those projects. Some work in district offices, where their function gives them opportunity to take part in national and regional endeavors, a few others have created realization teams with the support of peruvian institutions. Most graduates found employ in public offices or private companies or they have started their own family – communal businesses to provide for themselves. They also take part in developing green tourism, which provides a welcome secondary income to villagers, especially young mothers.

NF Inka

A few of the students we supported have been awarded government scholarships: one young lady left for Mexico for a student exchange programme, another young man spent time studying in Argentina. Yet another student has gotten a Universidad Católica scholarship that covers all of his expenses, including living costs in Lima, while he studies to, hopefully, become a top physicist. The government of Peru is now focusing more on supporting their young talents, which we are happy about. Just recently a student of ours has sent us a planned-out suggestion for a highland plateau irrigation project in his area of residence, another grows mushrooms en masse using leftover corn stalks as fertilizer and has taught the same techniques to local women, who took to selling the mushrooms and adding them to lunches they usually sell at markets. A former female student works as a water quality analyst, yet another one as a national park ranger in Amazonia… Numerous students have become qualified professionals during those 19 years of our support. The majority of our current scholarship recipients study STEM programmes – often mining and civil engineering, with female students preferring management and tourism related courses.

University students do not always keep receiving support from our programme, as there is condition of a yearly realization of a “beneficial” activity, which has, in the last year, been met by only two students. Even highschoolers don’t attend meetings and extracurricular study groups we put together as often. And while families are happy to accept study equipment that we can provide, our assistance is no longer essential for their children to succeed as students.

NF Inka

Foundation activities require organizational and administrative agenda – trips to the villages, accounting and finance reports, yearly permissions renewal and so on. All of that has both time and financial requirements. Therefore we have decided to consult our peruvian associates and together came to the conclusion that our assistance in Peru, while welcome, is no longer necessary.

Our Mayan associates, on the other hand, jump at every opportunity we offer. The guatemalan Maya students and communities find themselves in a very different situation from Inkas in Peru. In the past we helped equip libraries, kindergartens and elementary schools as well as build a children’s playground. Nowadays we work mostly with the mayan Uk’Ux B’e organization, that came out as the most active and steadfast in terms of their own projects, reporting as well as financial impact out of all the various projects and organizations we’ve supported there since 2006. In the past couple of years we’ve been supporting 13 different students, picked by this organization, at any one time. They study various majors and with every graduate leaving the programme a new student enters. The programme requires participants to teach their respective subjects at the Bilingual Education Centre K’astajibal of the Chimaltenango town for one afternoon each week. They may, if they choose to, attend a day-long course of maya philosophy and cosmology, which is also coupled with civic and environmental education. Several women in the Uk’Ux B’e dedicate much of their time to working with youth in order to prevent possible involvement with problematic groups. Mayan education is still a very complicated issue after the Maya genocide by totalitarian governments between 1960 and 1996 and the subsequent returning of refugees. Native provincials, especially women, face a difficult situation in their life, even more so if they’re from the highlands.

After much consideration and weighing of circumstances I believe that our (my beloved) Inkas will do well for themselves even without our support and that we could (and should) do much good by supporting youths of another native group, the Mayas.

Olga Vilimkova, Prague, 7. 10. 2019

Thank you for your donations! Your generosity will directly benefit Peruvian children and their families.


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