Medela - documentary by Olga Sommerova (CZ)

Medela, ‘help’ in Latin. Touching stories of kids from Cambodia, Peru and Quinea. Even we can help them… Documentary is in Czech language.

Spiritual kitchen - Indian religions (CZ)

Religion is not only a set of theories, dogmas and moral rules, but it also forms certain kind of lifestyle. 14th episode of documentary series takes us to west and introduces us eating habits of old Indian cultures and their current ancestors. Documentary is in Czech language.

Interview about Inka EF in magazine Euro (CZ)

Interview (in Czech Language) about activities of Inka endowment fund in Peru, which was published on 28th April 2014. Size: 1 mb, format: PDF.

Interview with Olga Vilimkova in magazine MF DNES (CZ)

Interview (in Czech Language) with founder of Inka endowment fund about activities in Peru, which was published on 13th June 2011. Size: 2 mb, format: PDF.

With Trabant through South America (CZ)

Trabant is not really a good car for mountais – it fails to go uphill, it fails to break downhill. But the expedition must succeed, so that they can cheer up children from small schools lost in Peruvian mountains. They visit kids supported by Inka endowment fund, watch animated series ‘Krtecek’ with them and eat guinea pigs together.

Weekend on TV Nova (CZ)

TV show ‘Weekend’ on TV Nova, partly dedicated to Inka Endowment Fund (in Czech language).
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